Honey, I'm gonna be a little late. Click for L.A. Freeway Conditions
Enjoy the Ride to Nissan USA!

Sure, everybody in Los Angeles is into cars. Especially me. My dad,

Morrie Sage, opened Universal City Nissan, freeway close in the Cahuenga Pass, in 1970. My brothers and I grew up in the biz.

Think about it. I'm driving down the 405. Every two or three cars I see has my name on the license plate holder. My family owns three dealerships now, and we're the number one volume Nissan dealer in the USA.

Show it. Finance it. Roll `em out. Close the deal. I know it all by heart. Hey, for practically no money down, I can put you in the car of your dreams in my sleep!

To Protect and Serve: The LAPD

Thing is, I love electronics as much as I love cars. Years ago, I began hardwiring those worlds together. That's when my life really started to get interesting. Like we need things a little more interesting here in L.A.

Key to the City: The Thomas Bros. Guide
Vrooom! Sage Auto Group at your service

Here's the key to
one sweet deal.
Did I mention we were freeway close?