Feels like quake weather... Wanna see?

 Retail automotive, like every other industry, is undergoing radical change because of computers and the Internet. Everybody in the car business feels an uneasiness right now, like that weird sensation you get when a really huge earthquake begins.

 Tom Patty, who heads the Nissan account at Chiat Day, has written about it at his agency's web site. Like many, he senses that a major implosion is underway that will reduce auto retailing to a handful of national giants with major factory clout.

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Business as usual is over. Those who can't evolve, and those who don't care for the flavor of the new game, will mostly be bailing out over the next few years. The survivors will compete against the sheer firepower that billion dollar public offerings can buy.

Some will survive by playing their home court advantage and developing a broader customer base. Others will do it by streamlining operations, and better managing the enormous information load that surges through any busy dealership.

That's the part of the equation that your freeway-close hacker knows best. As a veteran of the car biz, I think it's essential for the independent dealer's survival.