In Hollywood, this is known as a flashback.

CLICK: KTLA Riot Coverage by Stan Chambers
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I've always had an intuitive feel for things electronic. Go ahead, click the radio. Feel the joy!

I built a digital clock when I was 10. A year later, I'd learned Morse code and earned an FCC ham radio license. My cousin and I built a TV from scratch when I was 12.

Here's the story... (click)

This was the best of my toys. It came along in 1975: the legendary Altair 8800. No keyboard, no monitor, 250 bites of memory. It was the world's first commercial computer, programmed by its front panel switches. It didn't do much, but that didn't matter. I was 16.
It blinked. We were in love.

The Original Disk: Windows 286. Click to learn the history of MS Windows.

From there I graduated to  IBM 8088, then a Kaypro 286 and got a serious craving for some truly serious computer programming.

I gave Jon Douglas, the realtor, his first network. The American Institute of Architects made me an honorary lifetime member for enabling them to share hugeAutocad files, an impossible feat on dial-up systems of the early 80s.