Today's Earthquakes in L.A.
Want to talk to Mayor Riordan?

Good morning, Los Angeles. Rise and shine! It's 4:31 a.m., Pacific Earthquake Time.
Do you know where your freeway is?

My name is Mike Sage
and this is my city.

The Los Angeles Times, Online
I was born in Hollywood in 1961, the year Bel Air burned to a crisp in L.A.’s worst fire ever. Two years later, the Baldwin Hills Dam burst, washing away lower LaCienega. I learned early on that living in Los Angeles meant I could always expect big things, or make them happen — like Manhattan Projects, my newest venture.
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I grew up in the San Fernando Valley a real-life Encino Dude and my life has involved two off-ramps, at the intersection of computer science and automotives.
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The Richfield Building, Click it to probe L.A's best scandals.

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Between the Valley and Hollywood, Mt. Lee. Click for the seismic lowdown on the L.A. Basin.